Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby & Kid Related:

Ticche & Bea ~ I have wanted to do this for a long time. Ticche & Bea make baby size (and larger) memory quilts. You can cut up pieces of your baby's clothes and have a quilt made from them or you can even create a grown-up version from t-shirts! I have a couple of large bins of baby clothes from each of my girls that I couldn't stand to part with. I have always thought it would be great if I could make a quilt out of their baby clothes. The best part? It's actually reasonably priced! You buy a kit which includes everything you need to make the quilt as well as detailed instructions. Even better - if you don't want to sew it yourself, you can send the cut squares and kit back to them and they'll do it for you, for an extra fee, of course! You can also pay a little more and send them the clothes and THEY will cut out the squares for you! I can't wait to do this.

Jan Brett is a children's book author. On her website you can choose from tons of wonderful black & white illustrations from her books and print them out for your kids to color!

Nashelle has beautiful jewelry, specifically worth mentioning here are the initial pendants. I had wanted charms that were simple and had either my daughters names or initials on them for the longest time. Most of the ones that I found were either too pricey or they were sterling silver or some other material that required maintenance (I do not like to polishing jewelry)! Nashelle's customer service was great, too - I ordered two of the "identity" initial charms with my daughter's names on each. They're 14 carat gold fill - NOT plated - so virtually maintenance free - they can be worn in the shower! I love them and they go with everything! UPDATE: enter promo code "hotmama" at checkout to receive 10% off.

Patemm Pad is a beautiful, compact, practical and smart solution for on-the-go diaper changing. I've had mine for years and still use it all the time. I keep it in the back of my car and change my daughter's diaper there every time we're out - check out the website to see how stylish they are. These make a great shower gift.

The Zipbin is describe as "The toy chest that's also a toy". This is a great toy storage solution that parent and child will both appreciate and love. It comes in regular and mini sizes. The material is very sturdy and it has a carry handle and lid; it unzips at all 4 corners and turns into a play mat. There are many different designs to choose from, from fairy castle, to road and rail (we have this one), fairy castle, dinosaur playscape, farm and more. You can store toys inside the bin when it's zipped up and when play time is done, just zip up with toys inside and all is nice and neat! And also can be folded flat to fit inside it's lid for storage when not in use. Also comes in a mini size which would be terrific for travel!

Goodnitelite offers an innovative solution for parents who's kids get out of bed way too early. The goal is to teach kids to stay in bed until it is morning. It is a combination of a nightlight and a timer that changes the visual display to either a sun or moon to teach kids "day" and "night". Best of all, YOU choose the time you want the sun and moon to be displayed - just don't expect your little one to stay in bed until noon just because you programmed the sun to shine at that time!

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