Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cool Home Decor

Magnetic Trimmings is a really neat idea for decorating. They make magnetic charms that will instantly attach to most metal objects (think lamps, sconces, chandeliers, candle holders...) to dress them up. They have so many different designs, from classical "crystal" shapes to fun fruits and lots of fun holiday related trimmings. My dining room chandelier is dressed up with these and I love how it looks!

I love those removable wall decals that everywhere lately, but they won't work anywhere in my house because we have "knock-down" walls - texture. The decals won't stay unless you have a flat surface. The answer is Tatouage Designs! I've used these many times over the years and they are very easy to apply - just rub on with a "popsicle" stick that comes with them and -voila! - it looks like someone hand painted it on your surface. When my oldest daughter was born, my mom hand painted roses on her nursery walls and loved it, but is was not easy, especially on my mom's back. When we moved, I wanted to recreate her nursery and I used tatouage instead for the flowers and everyone who sees it thinks I hand painted her room!

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