Monday, August 31, 2009

eeBoo Tell Me a Story

Thanks, Megan, for bringing the Tell Me a Story cards from eeBoo to my attention!  I'm sure the concept isn't new, but I haven't come across one like this before.  It's an imaginative pre-reading activity for the young children and adults. Contains 36 3"x4" different images and props to spur creative storytelling.  Instructions include a variety of games and activities.  Includes: packs of 5 per style and a sliding tray box for easy storage.  Four styles available, chose from Fairytale Mix-up, Mystery in the Forest, Little Robot's Mission, or Circus Animal's Adventure.

At bed time, my 4 year old loves to tell us stories she makes up "on the fly" and it's so much fun to watch and hear.  I'm sure she will love these story cards and I look forward to more wonderful stories from her!  You can buy them through the link above or visit my new Amazon store, on right.

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