Thursday, August 13, 2009

Holiday Ideas - Why not start early?

I first saw this Christmas-Tree-In-A-Box at Spoon Sisters last year and wanted it but it was sold out everywhere. It's very cutesy and seems like it would be a fun decoration for an entryway or side table - and it's just $14.95. While you're there, browse this site and you're sure to find lots of cool, fun stuff - like the Baker's Edge Brownie Pan, for those of you (like me) who LOVE the edges and corners of brownies!

Shutterfly is my favorite site for creating photo projects, especially photo books. Their program for creating the books far exceeds others I have tried with so many layouts and backgrounds! I began creating photo books for every 6 months worth of pictures rather than buying costly photo albums and pay for prints. Not to mention, the photo books take up much less space on my already crowded bookshelf! Another thing I like to create on this site is ornaments - every year I create a ceramic ornament with a picture of each daughter - one for each - to hang on our Christmas tree. My thought is to give each daughter all of her ornaments (18 years worth?) when she's an adult and hopefully it will be something special that she hangs on her own tree. Is that corny? Maybe, but I like it. I also like the photo coasters - they make terrific grandparent gifts, as do the small photo books and picture mugs!

Looking for a cute grandparent gift? Flipclips. This is a great idea - turn your digital video clips into these adorable and fun flip books. I've made at least 3 of these and they really are fun - everyone who sees them loves to flip through them. They start at just $4.99 and are super easy to create. The website offers great tips and instruction and walks you through every step. My parents loved getting these little books of their grandchild when they lived 3000 miles away. These are also great coffee table books!

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