Thursday, August 13, 2009

Honorable Mentions

Buy these now! Look at this price! If only I had a place for these..... Sprout Bottle Vases from for $2.50 & $3.95!! I take that back - I found a place and just purchased them! Lots of great deals can be found on the sale pages at CB2, check it out.

Salt Water Canvas has perfect beach bags .... I went to the beach recently with my two daughters and I had a ridiculous number of bags for everything - towels, toys, change of clothes, sunscreen, my car keys and wallet, snacks, hats - did I mention snacks and more snacks? There just had to be a better way, I thought to myself. I found the answer! The Whale Bag from Salt Water Canvas. It is perfect - big enough for everything we need - it has tons of well-sized compartments and the material is screen-like and is super strong and durable and, best of all, the sand just falls through the tiny holes (but nothing else falls through!). I love all the color combinations, too, they are so fun! I bought the Salsa & Chartreuse Whale bag and since they were having a special promotion at the time, I got to choose another whale bag for free! I chose the Yellow with Kelly Green. Right now they are having a 30% off summer promotion with $5 shipping no matter how many you buy (well, they are limiting it to 8).

I must give a SHOUT OUT to my stay at home mommy friends (working mommy friends, please don't take offense!) and tell you about a new book by Dr. Laura Schlessinger called In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms. I don't know about you, but I sometimes feel like I'd be better off going back to work because the kids are driving me crazy, but Dr. Laura helps remind me why I'm doing this and it's a nice pick-me-up! I recently found this book at Borders on the Bargains table for $4.98!!

Everyone has already heard of Zappos, right? I'm pretty sure you have, but I like it so much that I just have to mention it here. I love shoe shopping at Zappos - the site is very user friendly and the search options are great, especially when you are looking for something very specific, stylewise. Their customer service is terrific and they offer free shipping (usually) and free return shipping, so you can't go wrong! I recently needed to find shoes to match a dress for an upcoming party and I ordered 8 pair with free shipping, tried them all on to see what worked and I sent back 5 for free (sorry Zappos - Love you!). It's like having the shoe department come to your house!

Want to find something cool? Original? Different? and Affordable? Then you should check out Fred & Friends. Fred says it best (from website): "...I have travelled the four corners of the globe in search of truth, justice, and the ultimate in style. Stuff that works, puts a smile on your face, and doesn't cost a fortune. I'm Fred. Why not let me into your home? I promise to help around the house..." I'm currently craving the Bloom clip light and the M-cups - measuring cups that stack inside each other like one of those Russian stacking dolls! Check out the hundreds of great products Fred has to offer!

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