Thursday, October 15, 2009

Manic Trout - "Treat Yourself to a Little Pretty"

I recently discovered this cool site for jewelry that's a little different - just the perfect touch to dress up an everyday outfit.  The jewelry is handmade and inspired by vintage materials, vivid colors, photography and beauty.  The designs are by Sierra Bailey, who is an artist who paints energetic pieces with oils, watercolor and collage in addition to designing jewelry.

Check out what's available at the Manic Trout website.  The Sweetest Thing vintage earrings ($10-$15 a pair), crafted from recycled lucite, are the perfect pick pick for tight wallets - beautiful and a bargain!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What to do with all your digital pictures?

Are you one of those mom's like me that takes thousands of pictures?  Wondering what to do with all your digital pictures that nobody's ever seen?  Well I recently learned about this website, Photojojo, that has tips and tricks on all things photos.  You can sign up to receive a twice-weekly newsletter, too.  Check out the Shop Photojojo tab on their site for many cool products.

Recently, Photojojo published a book that is full of creative ideas and projects to do with all those digital photos that are quick and easy.  One example:  a foldout montage that fits neatly into an Altoids tin!  The book is available at Amazon:

This one's on my wishlist!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kids Hanging Daily Activity Organizer

Take too long to get your kids dressed and ready for school in the mornings? It used to take us a while even with my four year old because she has strong opinions already about what she wants to wear. She just changed schools, however, and wears a uniform now. There was the initial expense of having to buy the uniform components, which I did't like too much, but it's been well worth it now that I'm realizing how much more quickly we get ready in the mornings!

For those of you with similar dilemas whose kids don't wear a uniform to school, a great problem solver is this hanging closet daily activity organizer. It has six shelves labeled Monday -Friday and Weekend. It also has 12 shoe-size pockets in the back and 3 large pockets on each side - and it rotates so you can easily access all of the pockets!  Click below to check it can also see this organizer and more great stuff in my aStore, on the right.

Thanks for the suggestion, Coco!