Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Handbag Hanger

I recently read a report that discussed the amount of germs that can be found on the bottom of ladies' handbags. Think about it - when in public places such as restaurants, restrooms, parks, grocery store, the mall...do you put your purse on the ground? The bench? Countertop? If I recall correctly, this report referred to the floor of public restrooms as the dirtiest in terms of germs - ick! We place our purses on all of these dirty surfaces, then we hang them on us...well now you can keep the bottom of your purses and bags dirt- and germ-free with the ingenious Clipa Handbag Hanger. It's basically a ring - you clip it onto your bag's handle and leave it there. When you need it, just open either end and it hooks onto table edges, chairs, doors, rails and carts and holds up to 45 pounds! Check it out at this link:

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