Monday, November 2, 2009

Practice CPR skills with CPR Teddy Jr.

Did you know that only about 30% of what's learned in a CPR class is retained after 3 months?  Parents and caregivers can practice infant/child CPR skills and choking rescue with CPR Teddy Jr.  Just squeeze the bear's paw for voice prompts of what to do in a breathing emergency and press the red heart on the chest to go directly to CPR counting and a metronome.  You can also turn the voice prompts off by squeezing the paw or pressing the heart a second time.

The adorable CPR Teddy Jr. is only 8" and can be attached to a diaper bag, car seat, stroller, crib - anywhere your child is, so that you can rest assured knowing that you can review what to do in a chocking or breathing emergency anytime, anywhere.  Every order includes a CPR and first aid training DVD.

This is also great to have at home to test your babysitter's CPR skills!

I own the larger version and our Teddy sits on the entry bench right next to my girls' playroom; I always know where he is if I need him, but I hope I never do!  Retail price is $39.95 ..... but through January 1, 2010, you can enter Promo code 110901 for a 10% discount on your order.

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