Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Mom Gift Idea - Track When Baby Last Nursed, Fed, Napped...

Why does it always seem like something better and/or prettier comes out after you're done having babies? I wish this existed when I had my babies. New moms are so sleep deprived that it's difficult to think sometimes and to remember when you last fed the baby or changed the diaper - it's all a blur! The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer has four timers that count up with the touch of a button, so you can keep track of the last feeding, diaper change, nap, medicine dose. It has a soft glowing night light as well as a backlit display so you can read the times in the dark. There's also a handy swith at the bottom that helps moms remember which side baby nursed from last. It also sports a clip on the back so you can take it with you anywhere. Additionally, you can even set an alarm as a reminder for each timer (optionally, of course). Amazon's price is competitive and it qualifies for their free super saver shipping. Click below to read the rave reviews:

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