Friday, April 2, 2010

Get Paid to Shop Online!

Have you heard of  If not, then you should check it out if you like to shop online and make money from doing just that!  It is completely free to join Big Crumbs and start making money right away.

What's the catch?  There is none, well except that you have to visit their site to click through to the retailer you want to shop from, which even includes Ebay!  Through their site, you can even create bigcrumbs bookmarks of your favorite retailers to make shopping and getting credit for it even easier and faster.

When you cick the picture to the left, you'll be taken to the "How It Works" page to find out more.  Basically, retailers pay Big Crumbs a commission and they then turn around and pass it on to you.  They pay you either through PayPal or onto a Big Crumbs prepaid Mastercard. 

I'm making a point to do as much of my online shopping this way as I can - it's like geting the items I buy at a discount!

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