Saturday, May 22, 2010

Swimsuit Coverups & Beach Dresses

Are you ready for summer fun in the sun?  Do you have your swimsuit already?  Well, now it's time to buy that perfect summer swimsuit cover up that can take you from the beach or pool to the store or even out to eat.

Amazon is now offering free return shipping on eligible clothing, which is a big plus.  However, you can't go too wrong with a bathing suit cover up or beach dress, because of the way they're styled.  They are meant to be worn over something, so the fit is somewhat loose, and when it's not, it has either spandex or elastic, so as long as you know your general size, you almost can't go wrong!

I browsed all the available coverups at Amazon this morning and I was shocked at all of the great styles AND prices.  I need to get one of these, but I'm having a hard time deciding.  The one pictured here is one of my favorites (it also comes in black and navy).  If you click on it, it'll take you to that item's description, and links to many, many more swim suit cover ups and beautiful beach dresses. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Very Cool Jewelry Holder

I just love finding new shopping websites!  I recently found this one, thanks to Real Simple magazine:  Nova68  This site has all kinds of cool gift items and stuff for the home, from bathroom products to wall decor and more.  One of the products that caught my eye was this porcelain "Milk Crown Jewelry Tray."  It comes in white, black, gold, and silver, as well as in 2 sizes, 4" or 6" across.  I love how it looks like a crown, although to others it may look more like a frozen splash of milk.  I also love how it can securely and separately hold rings on the "prongs" and there's plenty of room in the center for earrings and more.  It's modern and fun and would make a great, unique gift to yourself or someone else!  To check out this jewelry tray, click here.  Be sure to check out the whole site for more great finds!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Great Gift Ideas from Karma Kiss

How many of you with little kids has a bathroom in your house with a duck theme? I don't, but I do have a giant rubber ducky on display in mine! Well, whatever your kids' bathroom decor is, there's bound to be a fun wall hook to go with it ......check them out! There's a duck, flamingo, chicken, mouse, pelican, T-Rex, and a couple of other cute dinos. They have suction cup grips and can hold up to 2 pounds - perfect for washcloths or tub toys...there's also a fabulous assortment of animal suction cup toothbrush (or pencil) holders. I love the barrel of monkeys (hooks), too!

I could go on and on about the great products here at Karma Kiss (can you tell by this and my last two posts?!) because there's truly a great assortment of cool stuff for kids and grown ups - from mod room decor to novelty paper shredders and Chinese takeout trashcans to do it yourself recycling kits. Check out the Plastic Trash Bag Can - they supply the trash can "skeleton" and you supply the plastic bags, newspaper, or even scrap fabric to cut and weave onto the frame to create a one-of-a-kind "green" trash can. 

Hostess or House Warming Gift Idea

I don't know about you, but I'm always at a loss as to what to buy someone as a hostess or house warming gift.  Whether you know someone's taste or not, it can be tricky because you want to get them something that they like, but at the same time you don't want them to feel obligated to display something you gave them in their house if they don't like it!  A bottle of wine or a fruit basket is always a good idea.  However, I saw these trivets at Karma Kiss and immediately thought that they would make a great gift - well, to wine drinkers only though!  It's a wine cork trivet that you make yourself, or the person you give it to makes themselves (well, kinda)...Simply drink 8 bottles of your favorite wine, keep the corks, and then screw them onto the metal base.  It's not only cool, but it can have a special meaning, and you're repurposing the corks so it's GREEN!  At $12.99, it's a great value for you or a friend!

Great Gift Ideas for Kids - Fun Animal Alarm Clocks

I love discovering new websites with cool gift ideas! Well, actually, my sister discovered this one and told me about it. KarmaKiss sells unique gifts for kids and adults alike. If you've got a child in the stage of learning to tell time, or one who already knows how and needs an alarm clock, check out the Talking Animal Alarm Clocks - they look retro, like an old-fashioned alarm clock, but these unique alarm clocks make have cute animal faces on the clock face and the alarm makes the sound of the particular animal. The frog alarm clock says "Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit"; the dog alarm clock says "Bark, bark, bark." There's also a duck, monkey, pig, butterfly, cat, cow, rooster, birdie, owl and even a raccoon alarm clock. They're $20, which is pretty reasonable for what it is; it would make a great gift!

Check out the website for more great gift ideas...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Essential Baby Gear - A Portable Play Yard Playpen...Check it out!

A playard is an essential piece of baby gear.  I love Joovy’s Room2 Play Yard - it’s the largest one on the market, with 10 square feet of floor space!  It has sturdy 600 Denier material, mesh windows, plus an easy unfold and fold, so it's easy to take with you to grandmas house or on vacation, even to the park! It comes with one 100% cotton sheet as well as a travel bag.

It doesn’t come with a changing pad or bassinet, but that’s not what it's purpose is, it's main purpose is to use it as a space to safely place the baby, while your other kids run around playing, or while you cook dinenr, take a break, whatever!

Remember back in the day when every family with little ones owned a 'playpen'?  Well, the playpen is back and this is a great one at a great price to boot!

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Julian & Co. is a family run business that creates and sells gorgeous pieces of jewelery - this just in time for Mother's Day!  If you're not shopping for Mother's Day, they have many wonderful pieces for Moms, Dads, Kids and Babies - check out the adorable kids ID bracelets.

Choose from their beautiful collections of Sterling Silver & Gold hand-stamped and personalized pieces.  I LOVE the lockets, especially the Scrawling Locket - it's a modern take on the classic locket and just beautiful!

Receive $10 off your order if you use coupon code MOTHERSDAY!!