Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great Gift Ideas for Kids - Fun Animal Alarm Clocks

I love discovering new websites with cool gift ideas! Well, actually, my sister discovered this one and told me about it. KarmaKiss sells unique gifts for kids and adults alike. If you've got a child in the stage of learning to tell time, or one who already knows how and needs an alarm clock, check out the Talking Animal Alarm Clocks - they look retro, like an old-fashioned alarm clock, but these unique alarm clocks make have cute animal faces on the clock face and the alarm makes the sound of the particular animal. The frog alarm clock says "Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit"; the dog alarm clock says "Bark, bark, bark." There's also a duck, monkey, pig, butterfly, cat, cow, rooster, birdie, owl and even a raccoon alarm clock. They're $20, which is pretty reasonable for what it is; it would make a great gift!

Check out the website for more great gift ideas...

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