Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Be ready for fun at the beach with a great beach bag...

Saltwater Canvas Whale Beach BagMy absolute favorite beach bag is my Whale Bag from Saltwater Canvas; coming in at a close second is my Dolphin bag, also from saltwater Canvas.  In fact, I no longer have any other beach bags because these are too awesome to need anything else.  There are lots of pockets all around the outside of the bag that are large enough for toys, books, sunscreen and more.  The inner area is oval-shaped and can fit lots of towels and clothes, or other larger items (I've used mine for a picnic) and there's also a snap for your keys of sunglasses.  The material is a sturdy, yet movable mesh that stands up on its own (don't you just hate those bags that topple over as soon as you set them down?  Won't happen with these bags!)   These are not only beach bags - take them anywhere and everywhere and you won't be disappointed.

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