Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea for Friend, Mom, Sister, Aunt...Her!

I don't know about everyone else, but if I don't have a notepad within reach when I'm at my desk or even in the car when inspiration strikes (or my memory kicks in!), then I'm in trouble.  Even with the advent of technology to keep track of appointments and to-do and the like, I still like to write myself reminders and things to do on a piece of paper; it's so easy to just fold it up and stick it in my pocket for easy reference while out.  I wouldn't just give any notepad as a gift to someone, but these Tower of Notes from Spoon Sisters (one of my most favorite go-to websites for gift ideas) are beautiful and ready to gift-give!  I would love to receive on of these (Mom, if you're reading this, that's your hint!)  There's also a Sister Tower of Note Pads that say "Simple", "Incredible", and "Sister" - notice the first letters spell out S-I-S?!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Undercover Tissue Box - Too Cute!

I like to use tissues, but I usually opt for just going into the bathroom and using toilet paper because I just really dislike seeing tissue boxes on table surfaces - call me weird (many people do) but I just don't like it.  This, however, is one of the cutest tissue box holders I've ever seen. 

Now I don't have a room in my house besides my daughters' room that this would actually "go" in, but I don't think that it matters - it's a giant cute cupcake and it camouflages the ugly tissue box!  It's great!  It's also another thing I just found at one of my new favorite websites, Karma Kiss.  Check it out here.

Cool Gift Idea for Yourself or Anyone - Hand Bookends

Can you picture how cool these would look at the end of a row of books?  They are bookends and they come in black and white.  I think they are just the coolest, and perhaps even a great conversation piece to have or give.  Give as a hostess gift or any occasion gift to a friend or pick up a pair for yourself.  I've featured many other items from this website (I have no affiliation at all with Karma Kiss - I just think they have great stuff) because they're different and funa nd cool!  Check out these hand bookends and all their other cool gift ideas!

Great Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List

If you haven't already heard of The Spoon Sisters, then it's about time you check out this website.  Even if you are familiar with this website, go back and check out what's new!  I actually completed my Christmas and Hanukkah gift shopping there just last night.  My family decided this year to exchange gifts amongst the adults, but limit the spending to $10 per person. 

Guess what?  The Spoon Sisters site actually has a category of items that are $10 or less with lots and lots of great stuff!  I like to get gifts for family members that are things that they (most people) wouldn't buy for themselves - fun things.  For instance, for my dad who adores his little Yorkie, "George", I got him a book titled "Test Your Dog's IQ - Find Out What You Never IKnew About Your Best Friend" which I know he'll enjoy, or at least get a laugh out of.  There are tons of great things to choose from at every price point - go check it out!