Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gifts for Her and Her Home...

MollaSpace Paper Pot Toilet Paper and Tissue Paper Holder, Green
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I don't know about you, but I really don't like having tissue boxes in my house because I just don't like how they look sitting on my furniture.  Also, I think it's a waste of money to buy tissues when toilet paper works just as well - of course I haven't taken the necessary steps to calculate it out to know if I'm saving money or wasting it by using toilet paper instead of tissue from a box.  I digress -- well, if someone in my household get sick, I do make an exception ...but when I saw this pretty tissue "pot" it definitely made me reconsider my no-tissue-box-on-the-side-table rule. 

 It comes in several great colors (green, matte black, orange, pink, turquoise blue, and white).  The top half comes off and you can fill it with tissues or even a roll of toilet paper - how cool is that!  You can also mix and match colors for a custom look.  I would absolutely place one of these on a piece of furniture in my house whether someone is sick or not!

Great Gifts for Her

Here's a great inexpensive little gift for her that's simply adorable - a cute little purse mirror that can be tossed into a bag or purse.  It's available at Smitten Kitten for $8 and comes in several different disigns.  

Cool Gift Ideas for the Home!

Koziol,Babell 3180525, Indispensable White Tiered Tray, 12,36X12,36X13,39-Inch

Koziol Piep 3108578 Salt & Pepper Set with a Brown Tree and Green Bird Salt Shakers, 1,73X7,09X6,50-InchDear Online Shopper,
Have you met Koziol?  If not, I would like to introduce you to a really cool, really fun, really functional line of products for the home - great for yourself or for giving as gifts.  Think Christmas, Hanukkah, house warming, hostess gifts and more....  I just love this Bird Salt-and-Pepper Shaker Set - isn't it adorable?!  It's also available with black and white colored birds.  All the Koziol products have an air of modern yet quirky and useful!  Amazon has lots of products from this line at great prices, including the pictured tiered tray (which comes in several colors and two different sizes, by the way - AND easily comes apart to use pieces separately!).  Other products from Koziol include Elvis the Tape Dispenser, Fresh Vitamins (fruit peeler/slicer) gift set, Oscar the Sticky Note Holder, Pelle the Pencil Holder, Luigi Gondola Spoonrest, and lots more.

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More Unique Gift Ideas ...

This is not only a cool looking clock, it's an alarm clock.  It's made out of acrylic and shaped like an old-fashioned alarm clock and sounds like one, too!  It's available in red or white for $35 at Naked Decor, where all kinds of cool products for the home are sold.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Phone - MP3 Holder - Stand ...

More great gift ideas from Spoon Sisters.  Do you have an iPhone or a Smartphone or MP3 player that you watch videos on or need a stand for it for any other reason?  These are not only practical phone stands that will prop up your phone horizontally or vertically, but they are kind of funny and silly at the same time!  Check them out - they're are like easels for your phone - a strong suction cup attaches to the back of your phone and it holds it steady for viewing.  Get one for yourself or as cheap gift ideas for others! Here's a link for the angel wings, and click this one for the hilarious plunger stand!

The Perfect Little Purse Pen!

I recently ordered a whole bunch of gifts from Spoon Sisters and I ordered one of these pens just for the heck of it because Ithought it was cute and funny and just might come in handy.  I was right!  This is my new purse pen!  It's the perfect size to fit in that inside pocket of my purse so I can hget to it easily when I need it and it writes very nicely and comfortably.  If you are loking for an inexpensive (okay, I'll say it - cheap) Christmas (or other event) gift idea for "her", check out this lipstick pen - it comes in a set of two for $5.95, can't beat that!